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Complete Overview:



Nations and Places





In this section, we explore the backdrops of the Gushémal stories in great detail. Never fear that this will turn out to be a dry recitation of facts; all the books listed here are written by travellers of the world. They tell of their own experiences, sometimes very colorful, sometimes less so. Get to know these people, while you get to know the world they live in!

All of these books are works in progress. Meaning we will update each of them regularly - monthly, most of the time. Most of the time we will add materials that are touched upon by the current story of the month, such as creatures that have made their first appearances, or the places our heroes visit. Should the current story not yield much in that way, we will be adding other materials to these books, stuff that will come up later, anyway.

Should you be interested in contributing and have a great idea for either of those books, why don't you write to either of the authors with your suggestion? You just might find your idea included, with your own name (or rather a Gushémalian avatar's name of your choosing) under it!

Collected by the Ibrollenian sage Lestrovar the Wise, the creatures and sapient beings of Gushémal are found here. Where do they live, how do they live? What is the difference between a caidwarf and a noble knightdwarf from Albinavia?

Mythology: Paths to Divinity
The retired senator Gaius Augustus Quintilian has taken the arduous task upon himself to describe the gods and mythologies of Gushémal. In his book "Paths to Divinity", he introduces legends and folk knowledge about each of the gods, before he continues to explore the priests worshipping the same gods.

Nations and Places
In the hot northern city of Chazevo, the Honored Sage Demercur Ylvain, a Darawk priest, has begun to gather information on the places of Gushémal. What characterizes a country? How is it run? What kind of people live there? Is this a peaceful nation or a belligerent empire? Or is this region not a country but a no man's land devoid of law and order?
He also includes a number of places of special renown that are not directly connected to a nation, such as the smuggler/pirate town of Freeport or the wondrous Milonisi island.

Magic: Spells and Blessings
Arinesse Sol, Dean of Cayaboré's Royal College of Wizardry, has dedicated her spare time - aside from her duties at the college -, to writing the ultimate tome on the magic of Gushémal. Wizardly spells, clerical blessings, and magical appliances (objects) are explained here!
(For statistics in the RPG, see the Player's Handbook or the Game Master's Guide.)

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