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The Gushémal Role-Playing Game (GRPG) is a classic role-playing system that allows you to run characters in the fantasy world of Gushémal, live adventures, ride on the high tides - and have a lot of fun.All you need are the rulebooks below, a pencil, some dice, a pocket calculator (optional but advised), and a couple of friends to share the adventure with.

Quick links (more details below):

After a lot of hard work, we are now releasing the first rulebooks on the system. Unfortunately, it is not quite finished, therefore we've tagged the version number 0.1 on top of it. It's playable (except for the magic system), but quite a lot of enhancements and improvements have still to be implemented.

So we will keep working on the system, and every now and then will release updated versions. 

To do that, we would love your help! 

Try the system, run it through its paces... You can already have a lot of fun with it, and you can improve the system and bring it closer to perfection. Do you like our ideas on the system, do you think there's room for improvement? Do you have any ideas?
If you run a campaign with these rules, how are they working? Have you found any problems?
Or is everything working beautifully? 
If either of that applies, please send a mail to! Thanks!

Player's Handbook

It's online! Read it now and find out whether it's worth giving it a bit of hype! (And if you think so, by the gods, hype it among your friends, relatives and whoever else you meet. -- Jeez, I'm on a sugar high. Somebody get me a sedative, quick!)

The core rulebook introduces the combat system, based on percentages. We have tried to create a system that is as "realistic" as possible, as much like real life might be there. (While keeping the whole thing playable, that is.) So there are no levels for the characters; experience points are used to improve the characters' abilities.
The character sheets are found here, as well as complete information on how to create a character. There are short introductions to the races and classes available for the game. (Further races and possibly classes will become available at later, more advanced stages of development. Still, the basic set offers all the game playing fun you'd want.)
You will also find statistics on these races, as well as stats on weaponry and equipment.

Download it in PDF (408 KB) or a zipped PDF (346 KB) version.

Character Sheet

This additional info material is tied into the Player's Handbook. We have prepared a character sheet that you can use in the GRPG; meaning it's a lay-outed list where you can properly note all the data on your character.
It's easy to use, and vital for the game!
We also included some instructions on how to fill out the sheet.
The Character Sheet is not available in HTML format. (You would lose the pre-defined layout anyway.) Instead, we offer it in PDF format.

Download it in PDF (146 KB) or a zipped PDF (119 KB) version.


Game Master Guide

It's online! Finally, after a bit of delay, you can read the first version of the GM Guide! 

As the title indicates, this guide is only intended for game masters. Although players can look into this guide, it will probably detract from your enjoyment of the game. If you wish to find out about the creatures of Gushémal - why, the Bestiary provides the player with all the information an ordinary citizen of this world may possess.
So, players, please restrict your curiosity to the Player's Handbook!
For the game masters, you will find extensive information on the creatures the party might encounter on Gushémal, along with lots of other background stuff to spice up your campaign. The actual adventure modules are contained in the "vault" in here, along with all the secret information.
It also explores how a gamemaster can save his campaign (when those pesky players just don't wanna do what they oughta do). 

Download it in PDF (247 KB) or a zipped version (206 KB)


Adventure Modules

Well, now, here's where the show is getting underway. We are creating new modules at an irregular rate, depending on how much time we have. With these modules, we have designed campaigns that lead you into the thick and thin of Gushémal, e.g. into old fortresses (and their dungeons), on rescue missions to save a dethroned king, leading a rebellion, or just ransacking that evil wizard's tower right to the north of the village.
This section is intended for gamemasters as well. Players can find general content information, but it should be the GMs who read the actual module. After all, it's more of an adventure if the players don't know what exactly is waiting in the next room...
If you are running a campaign with our gamesystem, why don't you give us a recount? Or maybe, you'd like to design your own module for publication on the site? If you have any ideas, please write to

The module "The Courier's Oath" is finally online (Can you believe it? No? Well, me neither)

Module B1: The Courier's Oath

The first module -- intended for players just starting out -- introduces you to the playing field of Gushémal: the Wild Coast. Pretty much a nowhere land, with wild beasts, bandits, plenty of threats -- and plenty of treasures to find.
Our story here deals with one particular treasure, one that has to be recovered for a noble purpose, the union of two hands in marriage. It was stolen, and now it is up to the party to find and return it to its rightful owner.
On the way, you'll have plenty of foes to fight, and plenty of plot twists waiting for you. And if you think a beginners' module is nothing for experienced gamers... uhm, just take a look at it (provided you're a GM, of course). Trust us, it's fun for everyone.
You will also get a whole lot of background information on the lay of the land and plenty of NPCs and story hooks for future adventures!
To the player reading this: Should you now be interested in running this adventure, well, you have two choices. (1) You'll have to take the seat at the head of the table and master this game yourself. (2) Get your local screen monkey --- ehm, GM --- to read the module and start the campaign already!

Download it in PDF (606 KB) or a zipped version (525 KB)