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On Wednesday, March 26 2003, Nych Haggard wrote:

"Hey I just noticed that the Call of the Dragon character Nych is my name too. Seriously, my name is Nycholas. just wanted to tell you a little bit about that coincidence."

On Tuesday, February 4 2003, wrote: 

"I love this web site, because it takes you to a whole new world."

On Sunday, September 29 2002, Jan Piatkowski wrote:

"Another stop here, another line in your guestbook...

I like the way you approach to fantasy stories. In fact, I've known Chris as an active gamer (AD&D) for years, and he always managed to give life to his characters -- like Cornell.

I hope that both of you will earn the fame that you deserve. You write your stories with your heart, not with your hand, and that's the most important thing.

Cheers from the "Father of Gabe",

On Saturday, June 15 2002, Tim Woten Jr. wrote:

"Hi :)  I've been recently reading some of your stories about Cornell, Gabe and Flink.  And oh yes I can't forget Barandas.  Well...   I love them...
I can't describe to you how I've immediately become hooked on how much these characters grab you and allow you to share their world with em.  Sound corny!? thought so :)  However, it's true.
During this past week i've been reaallly bored and struggling to find things to make my day go by.   So I search for RPG Stories on, and I find something to have made an impact on my life in a matter of a week.  I've played everything from Betrayal at Krondor when it 'first' came out.  Final fantasy,  Baldurs gate I, Baldurs gate 2, Planescape torment and Icewind dale.  I love RPG's and the feeling of actually roleplaying.  I guess my point is,  I've never really read any RPG stories.  I've only played them.  But your stories are awesome, man..   They drew me into a world and I didn't want to come back.  I even got emotional a few times because of the instances in Darawk temple and a few other places.  And when Barandas ate Boragger up with those two fireballs. (truly awesome) [MARC: And you can read it right here, in "Call of the Dragon, Parts I & II"!]    Well im feeling weird as hell right now because this doesn't usually happen to me!    But I wanted to let you know that what you've done here is truly incredible.  Im brand new to Gushemal,  and I can't say I'll actually 'play' here,  because Ive  played (Class A Mud) for the past 6 years.  But man I love this world!!   I so want to become part of it but i'm limited in time.
I just want to babble and babble about the 5 stories I read last week.  I can't wait for some more.  There's still a few I need to download but i'll be doing that very shortly.  For some gay reason (and im not gay rofl) I just love it when the characters in the story unite and realize how truthful of friends they really are.  IE - Koyson, furrag, Willet, Markesh and the Half-Elf chick, i forget her name :)    And especially Barandas and Cornell.  And hell even Gabe!   Man I could babble forever.  Sorry :)  I just wanted to say thanks man.  This is truly wonderful and I don't think I'll ever forget the world that's created here.
Devoted Reader,

Marc responds: "Babble on and on, Tim! That's wonderful, and we here at Gushémal love such babble. Makes us feel respected and all that jazz. Oh, heck, we wallow in praise like hogs in mud! Thanks, man!"

On Tuesday, May 21 2002, Stephanie wrote:

"I am one of the Friends of Everion, This website is very complex. You have everything a woman ever dreams of, a romantic story mixed with the sword fighting, I must say that this is a job needed to be well rewarded, And I hope at least I can help make something of a difference."

On Tuesday, May 21 2002, Everion Tepes wrote:

"As long as you have those stories of yours, that are fascinating by the way, I shall stay for a while. Alright, then I shall have them enter on the guest book

On Monday, May 20 2002, Everion Tepes wrote:

"I feel intrigued that I am thanked. It is your thought that made this site to be, so once again I thank you and everyone that i have told and liked the site. Thank you for you effort designing this site.

Marc responds: "Feel free to be intrigued. Hey, get some of your friends to post to the guestbook, and maybe we can get Chris out of hiding to comment. (Oh, and sorry for trying to clean up your English. Bad habit, I know.)
Seriously, we're glad you and others enjoy the site. I hope we can keep you entertained for a looooooooooong time!"

On Wednesday, May 15 2002, Everion Tepes wrote:

"All i have to say is thank you for this is the most best site for the rpging world that i ever decided to come on.
it is a very terrific thing that someone has done for the use roleplayers i wish i could do something i extend my graditude. those of who had made this site you are making many people happy.... Thank you"

Marc responds: "Thank YOU, Everion. Our guestbook is a bit sparsely populated, and we always like to hear from our adoring public!
Specifically, Everion, if you wish to do something to help us: Spread the word about Gushémal! Tell your friends about our site, perhaps you can put up a link to Gushémal. That, believe me, is a great deal of help!"

On Sunday, Jan 6 2002, wrote:

"i like to chat about magic and romance"

On Saturday, Dec 1 2001, wrote:

"Wonderful site! this is exactly what i was looking for. but it could do with an overall map of the realm... good all the same"

On Wednesday, Sep 26 2001, Kid Death wrote:

"I like this site big time!"

On Saturday, Mar 3 2001, wrote:

"Hi folks,
Nice site, and nice work you did to me.
I kind a like it if i get more stories to read of me ;)

Markus originally created Barandas, so it's good to know that we properly translated the character into our world. As far as more stories about Barandas are concerned, the weaselly wizard is taking a hiatus for a while and will return to annoying action in June 2001 ("The Pledge").

On Thursday, Feb 22nd 2001, wrote:

"... and the 'spiritual father' of Gabe is calling in! :) Neat site, Chris keeps urgently reminding me to read the stories, and I'm sure going to do that soon!
"I hope you'll treat Gabe decently... ;)
"Best Regards + see you,
Marc translated ("disfigured"?!) from the original German. Jan originally created the character of Gabe (who will star in the April story "Shield Maiden"). We think we've treated that savage decently... well, more or less...

[The original entry: "...und der "geistige Vater" von Gabe meldet sich zu Wort! :) Feine Seite, Chris legt mir dringend nahe, mir die Stories durchzulesen, das werde ich auch ganz sicher tun!
Hoffe nur, ihr behandelt Gabe anständig... ;)
Gruß + bis denne,

Bloody... Some idiot figured out that we're testing the complete site on the web before the official release! Almost the entire January issue was online during December, and that guy stumbled over the correct starting page. So... we have our first entry in the guestbook. Let's hear it for "bogey": wrote on Dec 23 2000:
"Hey, guys, nice page you got here! I read the story, and it's pretty cool. I loved the female warrior! Keep on writing, I'll keep on reading!"