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Forum Entries




Sorry about this. If you want to contact me, write to marc at


POSTED BY: [not specified]

"I have ben trying to play the game I`ve read the begginer`s guide. Where do I go to play?"

THREAD: RPG per e-mail -- Gather round the table!
POSTED BY: Tim Woten jr. (August 12 2002)

"Hey all how's it going!  I hope everyone is enjoying these recent additions to Cornells Booya and The Tale of the Gods.  They certainley keep me going.  I can't help but express the satisfaction I get from reading them.  And the ability to journey through someone's world (imagination). 

Well all,  I'm still available to try out the GAME OF GUSHEMAL if anyone is willing to give me an email at or just please post on this forum tell us whats up!  It's an exciting thing!"

THREAD: RPG per e-mail -- Gather round the table!
POSTED BY: The Great Lord of Gushémal a.k.a. Marc H. Wyman in all his megalomania (July 22 2002)

"Okay, first of all: Sorry, Tim, that I added this thread topic to your message. But I think that's a really fun topic, and maybe we can get some people in on this. Thanks for posting, buddy!

Righty-oh, then --- anybody interested in playing the GRPG? I'd say a game per e-mail may not be everybody's cup of tea, but since all the readers (and the writers, <sigh>) are spread pretty far across the globe, that's probably the easiest to arrange for. There might be other options, i.e. in chat areas, but that's something that could be discussed right here.So, come on folks -- mail to Tim, or to us poor suckers around here and let us know what you think! I don't know if either Chris or I are going to GM a game (Tim, it's "GM" in our game, "DM" is a registered trademark of that wizardly company at the coast <grin>; don't make them sic their lawyers on us!), but maybe you can convince us? (To quote Chris: "Are you nuts? I am NOT going to GM ANYTHING!" So, convince him!)

Oh, yeah. Right. Well, I also love the stories here, and I know they rock. You see, those bloody stones keep falling on my head -- how else can you explain the madness around here?!"

THREAD: RPG per e-mail -- Gather round the table!
POSTED BY: Tim of Gushémal (July 20 2002)

"Woo a forum :)  I just finished Chapter 19 of Tale of the Gods and I'm letting everyone know that it ROCKS.  This place ROCKS, and there are ROCKS outside on the ground.  But ok, peace everyone.


p.s. Any of you mortals who have been reading should post on here and share with me how these stories affect you!  I'm just a mortal reader and I must say after reading here:

"I'm scared of ladies with quarterstaffs!"

And oh yes!!  If anyone is trying to play the actual game here pls get ahold of me! I'll try to play with you or whoever else is gonna play.  And it would be really cool if Marc or Chris would DM!  heheheheeheheeeeeee"

POSTED BY: Everion
(May 15 2002)

"Well what i want to know is that why don't they have like a little game with people making there own character, in this site. But i suppose enough talk about that, is there some type of thing that enables me to also write one of my own typical sword fighting stories?



POSTED BY: Kid Death
(Sep 26 2001)

"hey Im new to the online RPG's. I love to play RPG's, and like what you guy have done. I just need HELP playing."
       from: Kid


The forum entries will appear here. And just to kick off things, we're starting a thread of our own here...

THREAD: Which character should die?
POSTED BY: (Dec 22 2000)

"As the co-writer of CALL OF THE DRAGON, I'd just like to know how you liked the characters. Are they any good? Or do you think one of them should bite the dust in the second installment?

"Maybe that sneaky Barandas? There he goes off and ruins the entire plan of the hero! Boooh! Off with his head! (Or should it stay attached?)

"And what about that elf with Tangrain. Yes, it was only a brief appearance, but there could be something more to him, couldn't it? I like elves! Particularly the nasty variety we have come up with. So maybe that nameless elf should see about finding a six foot long plot of land?

"Not to mention that there'll be stories with completely different sets of characters. Some of them (especially that obnoxious dwarf Marc came up with) might be better off watching the daisies from below. Why don't you write us about your opinion! -- Or better, write He's supposed to handle this, anyway..."

THREAD: Which character should die?
POSTED BY: (Dec 23 2000)

"Why, thank you kindly, Chris. Not only do you start a stupid thread as our very first one -- you also tag me to handle all the responses. 'Who should die?' Yeah, right, marvelous idea.

"And finally leave my dwarf alone! 'Ye're gettin' on me nerves!' as Koyson would say."

THREAD: Which character should die?
POSTED BY: (Dec 23 2000)

"Do you at least appreciate that I'm doing something to start the forum? Maybe the readers would like to chime in! You're probably just hoping nobody will send any mails so you can rest your lazy bum!"

THREAD: Which character should die?
POSTED BY: (Dec 24 2000)

"Okay, I'm tearing myself away from Xmas Dinner just to post a response to you /($/&$/% --- uh, I mean, my dear writing partner. It is such a fine idea to start a thread, yes, I fully agree. Still, I am somewhat left to wonder why you didn't call me first?! Don't you think we're starting to look like two idiots presenting Gushémal?! (And what do you think what the people will say when they find out what T.I.P. stands for? Hah, I'm washing my hands clear.

"Oh, about that thread of yours. KILL ALL ALREUS! Okay, so they make their first appearance in April -- but I still hate those bloody, little critters! (And if none of the readers believe this, just wait 'til you read SHIELD MAIDEN in April; you will agree wholeheartedly, trust me. And I had to write the story!)"

All right, folks! It's your turn now!

Join the forum and tell these kind-hearted writers what you thought! Rest assured they'll treat you as fairly and pleasantly as they treat each other! (All right, so they'll actually try to be polite... provided there's a definition in the dictionary. Just a minute, I'm looking...)