FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

On this page, we wish to answer all the questions you might have on T.I.P. Entertainment and Gushémal in particular. (All right, so it's more or less all the stuff we want to push onto you... This far, anyway. We're curious to find out what you wish to know and look forward to answering as best we can - while plugging madly away for our project.)

If something remains unclear, or if you have a question not at all answered below, please e-mail marc@gushemal.com. Our revered Mr. Wyman (the best writer who ever graced this earth) will try his best to answer your questions. His ingenious and encyclopedic mind shall certainly satisfy your every curiosity.

Marc H. Wyman
(as if you hadn't guessed I was heaping praise on myself...)

Please take note that some of these statements may seem out of date. Most of this was written in late 2000, when we were still hoping to attract good traffic on our site. Since then we've been heading down the traditional road of "regular"/official publishing and are currently trying to find an agent to represent both our Gushémal novels and other works!
Stay tuned!

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What is Gushémal?

Gushémal is a fantasy world set within a fictitious, pseudo-medieval setting. Although we're mixing societies at various development stages, all in all, it is supposed to resemble the real world at the brink of gunpowder's introduction. It is a vast world, populated with races drawn both from classical fantasy heritage as well as our own imagination; and in some cases we have taken the classic image and tweaked it in the hope of creating something fresh.

Thus far, we have designed one continent of this world, situated on the southern hemisphere. (That continent is also called Gushémal, since it appears to be the entire world to the inhabitants.) From the icy, southern tip of the continent (the Cape of Drowning) to the lush, tropical north with the mystical land of Modayre and the city of Chazevo, from the unforgiving mountains of the Laru'sedna Mountain Chain to the Arrufat peninsula, there we find the setting of our tales.

There are many stories to be told. Some are the simple tales of a hero slaying a monster or rescuing maiden in distress, and some claim some political content as they deal with nations going to war, or fighting a cold war. Nations like Cayaboré, surrounded by hostile countries, having to find a way to survive. Or take the Arrufat peninsula, ravaged five hundred years ago by a heathen invasion - it has only been a few decades since the majority of Arrufat has been reconquered; and instead of a single nation, a quilt of dozens of duchies and tiny kingdoms has sprung up.

Many stories, indeed. Some of them we wish to tell you, through the short stories appearing free of charge on this site, or through the entries in the other books (such as the Bestiary, or Paths to Divinity), or through - one day - full-sized novels. The first of those novels is currently in the works, "All the King's Men" tells a tough-as-nails story from the war between Cayaboré and Rek'atrednu. If we can get any news, you'll find them on the main index!

Some stories we wish you to tell us, or just yourselves, through the role-playing game we're developing for Gushémal. Utilizing long experience in RPGs, we're hoping to create a game that will allow you to fully delve into this world, explore and experience its oddities - and have thrilling adventures, while you're at it.

We have come to love Gushémal very much - perhaps most because it just refused to stay as small as we had intended it. Originally, all we wanted to do was write a single, independent, complete novel. Working on it, we came up with such a lot of other material - nations that we'd never get to visit in said single novel - that we could not limit ourselves. The world of Gushémal overwhelmed us with its richness and variety and liveliness.

We hope you will find yourselves equally overwhelmed, and that you will come to love this world as well.

And please, do write to us! We would very much love to hear your comments - and most importantly your encouragement! (Whoa, don't let us stoop to begging, all right?!)

Who are these writers, anyway?

What, you never heard of us?! Shame on you!

Oh, very well, it's very unlikely you've ever heard of Marc Wyman or Chris Bogues. Although Marc has published some fan material, he did so under a different name (and in Germany, the poor sap!).

Marc H. Wyman

Marc has recently turned 30 and is currently looking for a good burial place, figuring he won't last much longer now that he is officially ancient. Any interested cemeteries please notify him. But speak up, he's hard of hearing! (Waaaaahhhh!!!!)
He wrote his first story at age six and is happy that not a single trace of it remains anywhere. To his regret, the same cannot be said of the stories he hacked into his journey typewriter from age eleven on, including one awful convolution of Star Wars, Star Trek and several other science fiction stories or tv series.
Which is the perfect lead-in to his hobbies: devouring books, movies and television. A self-avowed geek (and proud of it), as a child he spent hours in front of the tv screen and claims that this never damaged his intelligence in any way. (Rebuttals will be added at a later time.) He's an avid fan of Star Trek (except  Bore-ager), has a near-complete collection of the episodes and used to write stories for German Trek fanclubs. Aside from Trek, he currently slavers at each new installment of Stargate SG-1 (also known as "MacGyver in Space") and Farscape ("It's just like LEXX, except that it's good."). Recently added to that illustrious group is Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda, a great show that seems set to be one for the history books. Well, "Trust in the Harper, the Harper is good!" (No, Marc would never dare forget the beauteous Lexa Doig as "Rommie". Thank goodness that the show is actually good, or he wouldn't have any excuse to watch it! -- No, that's not like Playboy. Although the articles really are very interesting, and Marc would never care about the pictures. Oh, by the way, if you believe that, Marc has a bridge in Brooklyn he could sell you...)
Marc has also been watching professional wrestling for a while - a fact that is becoming difficult to hide since he started writing a regular column (in German) for a large Internet website (Moonsault).
His favorite book for the past fifteen years has been Bob Heinlein's "Time enough for Love", his favorite authors include Isaac Asimov, C.J. Cherryh, Harry Turtledove and Michael A. Stackpole.
As for his personal life, let us quote his response before he slammed the door shut, "What do you mean, 'personal life'? Told you I was a nerd, didn't I? Now get out and leave me alone with my computer!"

Check out his unnecessary but very satisfying Recent Reading List

Chris Bogues

Chris "The Kid" is 27 years old and pretty upset that Marc is writing his bio. Born in Poland, this confused young man keeps claiming he is not Polish - not to mention that the joke's wearing thin by now.
Formerly in the German airforce (he got drafted), he is currently studying economics in Duesseldorf, Germany. Studying, that is, unless he is reading comic books (stuff like "Savage Dragon" or anything Marvel releases) or watching wrestling (any league he can find; why, he even watches European wrestling!) or pursuing another role-playing campaign or reading novels (usually RPG tie-ins such as "Battletech" or some TSR product we won't mention, uhhhh, let's just say R.A. Salvatore's one of his favorites) or cheering on his favorite soccer team (Bayern Munich, the sicko) or - occasionally - working on Gushémal.
Right now, Marc can't think of any other insults to hurl at his writing partner. (Not without seriously threatening said partnership. Them Polish Germans are so touchy...)
["Whoa, Chris grinned when reading this! Darn, I must have done something wrong -- he likes it..."]

Guillermo L. Pereyra

He is 25 years old, was born in Argentina, and now lives in Buenos Aires. He is a university graduate in translation and still wondering why he has chosen such a career...
But those who (dare) know him say that the English language is "the" environment for him to feel at home; indeed, what else can be said after meeting a guy, read word freak, who collects glossaries on Cockney, Shakespearean insults, truck talk or prison lingo both in the UK and the USA...
Yes, one would not dare meet him in a dark alley. Neither do the undersigned. Besides, he is to become one of the creatures of the dark: he is studying law in order to be... right... you got it... a lawyer.
Wait a sec! He says he will do justice and fight for the rights of everyone. At least, that is what he says to the people who (dare) know him. Really, he does not intend to practice law, he is just studying to know more about it since his field of specialization (when translating) is legal documents (yuck!).
Now he has joined this Gushémal project for a change. This fellow really needs to translate things letting his imagination run wild -other
than bylaws...

What is T.I.P. Entertainment?

T.I.P. is a no-profit organization. (A fact that we dearly hope to change one day...) Via this website we will be publishing some of our materials completely free of charge.

At this point, T.I.P. consists of three people - Marc H. Wyman and Chris Bogues as the founding fathers. (See the bios if you wish to find out more...) Guillermo Pereyra has recently joined our team as the translator into Spanish; we'll see about getting a bio out of him shortly.

We have been fans of science fiction and fantasy for a long time, and the idea to create our own world(s) has also been a companion of ours for quite a while. So, after several starts and stops we have now committed in earnest to this creative work.

Our first and thus far only product is the world of Gushémal, a fantasy setting. In the future, we plan on branching out into other areas, such as science fiction stories but also computer games or television scripts. Although we have plenty of ideas for such projects, right now we'll be focusing on Gushémal and trying to make this project succeed. 

Another plan that is dear to our hearts is to create a stable of authors who contribute to our projects with their own stories. Gushémal (as well as its sister projects, far in the future) is at its heart a shared-world concept; we have created the universe (and are busy populating it), but we'd like able writers to work their own magic within this setting - and quite possibly pushing its boundaries a little.

The plan - or rather, the dream - is that these projects will enable us to publish "regular" novels set in the worlds we create, and that we can pull along other authors of our "stable" into the world of "regular publishing". Why would we wish to do that? Well, for one thing, we have been laboring pretty darn long to break into publishing ourselves, so we'd like to help others (along with ourselves, of course). For another, Gushémal is turning into a very big concept - so big that it can well support many writers and their stories. We would love to see Gushémal portrayed as richly as we believe it deserves, and for that, we'd like others to contribute.

How do you plan to turn this site profitable? Does this mean you're going to charge me for the materials on this site one day?

First of all, the Gushémal materials on this site will remain free of charge for as long as they remain on the web. They are supposed to introduce this new world to you, the readers, as well as create a community of readers and/or RPG players. We're looking forward to discussing with you the ways in which to improve Gushémal - and that is much easier when access remains open to all.

Now this doesn't sound as if we'd ever get a single dime out of Gushémal. That wouldn't exactly fulfill our dreams of living from writing and creating (rather than laboring at the office from 9 to 5).

So where are we planning to get money from? Regular books! Gushémal's (story) world does not consist of only Cornell's adventure or any of the other Tales of Strange Adventures. As a matter of fact, these stories did not even start the whole idea. At the beginning, there was the tale of the "Nightwalker" - from the start intended as a series of novels. These novels will not appear on the website, rather we hope to sell them to a regular publisher and get them into bookstores.

Suppose we succeed. Will we then stop with the freebies? Naaaah! The short stories will remain free and completely web-based, as are all the other sections of the site. Besides, we've already had too much fun inserting references into the stories that only make (real) sense when you have access to the background information.

Okay, so what's the real deal here? Well, it's that we want to have lots of fun creating this world - with your aid. So far, it's been a blast ("shot by a dragon rod, and proud to have survived it"), and we're hoping that we'll continue having fun for years. (After all, there is a background storyline that we've mapped out for the next ten years of story continuity...)

Can I contribute as well?


Sure thing! That's exactly what we're hoping for!

Allowing you to get involved in the creative process makes the world of Gushémal a lot more real to you. It also means that you could find a place for ideas that have been in your head for a while (or just popped in to say hello). And we hope that you'd just love Gushémal to be that place!

There are a number of basic rules, though, and we hope you'll accept them as reasonable. 

First of all, every contribution you send to us becomes the property of T.I.P. Entertainment upon publication. In other words, we will be able to use it freely in the future and, potentially, change it. Your name as the creator will still appear and be acknowledged. We don't wish to claim your creation as our own! 

Sorry, not everything that you send in will automatically get published. It has to be a novel idea, but moreover it has to fit into the general outline of the world we have created. (So it is possible that we reject an idea even though it's marvelous - just because it contradicts something we're planning. Evil, ain't we? After all, you don't know what we're planning...)

And if you wish to submit a full text, it has to be well written. As usual, that is one of the most precarious questions of all - what actually does that mean? Well, let's discard with the common statements of "good characterization", "style", etc. and just say, "It's well written if we, the editors, like it."

At this time, we only accept contributions to the section of THE WORLD; that is Bestiary, Mythology, Nations and Places, Magic: Spells and Blessings. Please read everything we have published thus far in these sections to get a feel for what we are creating. Not to mention what kind of text we're looking for. (What are we looking for? In THE WORLD, all the entries are supposed to be written by travelers of Gushémal. You can create your own persona and write an account as this character would do it. Check it out, there are lots of possibilities...)

As soon as the RPG section is fully up and functional, we will also accept material in that section. (If you should create a new monster for the Bestiary, we will ask you to submit the proper statistics for the game.)

Contributions to THE STORIES section will be by invitation only. We consider this the crown jewels of Gushémal, so we would like to exercise strict editorial control. So if you wish to publish stories set in Gushémal, we would like you to contribute texts to THE WORLD first. Thus we can see whether you have the proper feel of our creation. (Sounds arrogant, don't it? Just obsessively protective, believe us. --- Okay, so there ain't much difference... And if you've got a great story - what the heck, CONVINCE US that it's marvelous!)

We accept all kinds of artwork associated with Gushémal. We are especially interested in finding crafty illustrators for THE WORLD and THE STORIES. If you wish to create some entirely new entry, please check in with us about the idea first.

Your submissions should be readimade for use on this website, i.e. in electronic form. Aside from .gif and .jpg formats, we can also process .psd and .psp formats. 

Would I get paid for contributing?

Sorry, not a chance. We don't get paid!

The best we can say here is that we're hoping to turn all of this profitable at some point later on. From that time on, we are planning to indeed pay you for your contributions. We don't know when that will be nor do we have any idea how much we would be paying.

And we surely don't intend to forget about those people who have been loyal contributors. Sure, it's easy to promise something we can't hope to follow up on! But, all right, here's a handshake on this one: If one day we manage to turn this profitable (which ever way), we will pay all the contributors of (published) stories something. Yes, we mean the ones published prior to our making any profit.

What are eastereggs?

Well, you see, every year, at easter, there's a bunny who hides...
("Not THOSE, numbskull! The others!" -- "Eh? Oh, oh, right!")
In our context, eastereggs are little surprises that we have hidden within the stories and tales on our website (including THE WORLD). A few of the names have hidden meanings that can be discovered with a bit of thinking -- and hopefully are funny. Sometimes they even have a reference to the text in which they appear...
None of the eastereggs has any particular clue to the story or "enhances the experience" or anything of the sort. They are just a bit of fun we've been having, and perhaps you'll enjoy a bit of easter egg hunt, too?
Okay, I'll give you an example (and you can judge whether it might be fun to go look for more...):
In the book Magic: Spells and Blessings you'll find one entry written by a travelling priest named Tewbold Ligaw. Well? Just speak it out loud, together, and what do you get? (Okay, I hear the first annoyed sighs.) Yes, it's "To Boldly Go". Is there a better name for a traveller?