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Section I: Gods and Goddesses

Section III: Myths and Religions of other Peoples


Paths to Divinity

Discussions of the Divine and the Search thereof

Gathered by Gaius Augustus Quintilian

Commenced in 3164

Table of Contents:


The Genealogy of the Gods

Section 1: Gods and Goddesses

Alyssa, Goddess of Love  

Darawk, God of Knowledge 

   Dicerius, Chief God of Justice and Death
(11/29/02) and (12/13/02)

Haguen, God of Loyalty and Duty
(09/27/02) and (10/18/02)

Grenage, Goddess of Beauty and Joy
(02/14/03) and (03/07/03) and (03/28/03)

Middage, Goddess of Corruption and Disease
(08/22/03) and (09/05/03)

Nash'Geo, God of Travel and Exploration
(06/14/02) and (07/05/02)

Section 3: Myths and Religions of other Peoples

The Sandmen of the Elfadil Desert
(07/26/02) and (08/16/02)

Myths of the Furrag
(07/11/03) and (08/01/03)