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STORIES: The serial "The Pilgrims' Trial and Faith" commences here, with brand-new characters and a brand-new adventure in eighteen chapters. Follow a journey into the depths of the earth, through terror and excitement!
Now online: Chapter Eighteen and Epilogue (09/03/03)!

THE WORLD: There are more than just the kind and good gods in the world. Some thrive on the dark sides of life, and some thrive on disease and corruption of all kinds.
Meet the goddess Middage in all her dusky glory in these two installments, the first on 08/22/03 and the second on 09/05/03! ---
Due to this site's hiatus, we can't guarantee when the next installment will be released.

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Welcome to the world of Gushémal!

Journey to a different world, read exciting stories and travellers' tales that lay the foundation for a great fantasy world!
Come on in, there are well over 300,000 words waiting for you -- as much as you'll find in two big-sized novels! 

Sword and Sorcery... Humor... A dash of romance... Exotic creatures... Swordplay, fistfights... And lots of fun!
All of that is the world of Gushémal

Last updated: September 03 2003

We're sorry that this site is currently on hold - and, yup, I know it's been for a couple (make that a LOT) of years.

We still care for Gushémal, and one day we might actually return to it. (Loads of reasons, long stories... hmm... might make a good read... or not...) If you'll drop us a line about our stories, we'll be happy to respond.

All the best! (April 2009)

We would very much like to hear your opinions on Gushémal and your ideas as to what we could improve, which new stuff might be cool. 

Take a look at what we have, and let us know whether you like it! 
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Now also available in Spanish! Click here to find the Spanish version!

Our friends at Transfinite Publications have published the second issue of Almanac. And there's also Lemurian Dreams, the story magazine featuring an exclusive tale of Gushémal --- specifically Koyson and Vobul! It's a great story, trust us! (Yeah, right...) No, really!
You can get the PDF from their website for $3 only.

We love the Go to Project Gutenberg and search a free library! -- so many classic works of literature for free...

Hey, we actually got an award! Here it is:

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