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Tales of Strange Adventures

Cornell: The Resurrected Hero



"You've come to the right place to learn about the world we call Gushémal. Come closer, gather round the fire and help yourself to some of the ale. Keg's still half full, might as well make use of it. 
So, what kind of story would you like to hear? One of valiant princes rescuing princesses? Not today, eh? Oh, fine. They aren't really that special anymore, these days, now are they? Well, how about one about valor and compassion? One about majestic dragons, or about devious elves, or about brave dwarves, or about... 
Great Darawk beware! Now I am babbling like an old man. 
Well, let me just get settled down here myself... Would you hand me a mug of ale? Thank you kindly. Now, the stories - I'm just going to tell them to you one after another. And here's how the first one's starting..."

"The Pilgrims' Trial and Faith"
by Marc H. Wyman & Chris Bogues
Coincidence brought Ahnfredas Bluekeg, pilgrim by trade -- literally so --, to Deersrun Hill. Was it also coincidence that set a pack of arydogs to hunt him? Or was it a strange and twisted fate that shall lead him and others deep into the bowels of the earth, on a trail of hardship and terror?

An eighteen-chapter long adventure novel, brought to you in regular installments. Now online: CHAPTER SEVENTEEN (08/15/03)

"Tangled Elves" (01/10/2003 & 01/17/2003)
by Marc H. Wyman & Chris Bogues
Well before the start of his regular series, Cornell of Cayaboré comes across a trail of dead bodies. Intrigued, he follows --- and stumbles into a mess that only a very old acquaintance of his could have caused.
It's a full-blown action adventure for our heroes, full of entanglements and other troubles!

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"Life's Values" (11/01/2002 & 11/22/2002)
by Marc H. Wyman
Playwright Archer Melt is generally called the Divine among the theater audiences of Gushémal -- with good reason, since he is a favored of the goddess Grenage. Revered across the continent for his works in the theater as well as novels, theoretical discussions and the like, Archer is enjoying his fortunes.
Until he is faced by an event that even a divine playwright cannot countenance and which leads him to review the century of his life -- counter-balanced by his own cynical views as well as the comments of his servant, the quarter-elf Sirch.

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"A Tale of the Gods" (10/14/2001 et.al. -- 02/21/2003: Final Ep 30)
by Marc H. Wyman & Chris Bogues
Exploring the myths and origins of the gods of Gushémal, these are some of the legends about the deities of this world, who they are, how they act, and how the races came to be.
First off, a newcomer arrives at the Eternal City of the gods - and dissent follows in his wake...
This story is told in serial fashion, not straight, and relatively open-ended. 

Now Concluded

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PDFs available for
Chapters I - X: PDF (300 KB) and Zipped PDF (277 KB)
Chapters XI - XX: PDF (310 KB) and Zipped PDF (285 KB)

"The Rock of Discontent" (07/13/2001)
by Marc H. Wyman & Chris Bogues
Let's call it Tieferbau 90210. Flink is a young alreu who's never left his home kennel of Tieferbau. Still coming to terms with the death of his father, he's also getting to know the pitfalls (and pratfalls) of love.
But it wouldn't be one of our stories if there weren't a sinister plot brewing beneath the surface. What is the matter with that stone Flink has found? Is it just another pretty rock? Or is it about to unleash a destructive force to smack down into the innocent kennel of Tieferbau?

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"Childhood of a Fighter" (05/25/2001)
by Marc H. Wyman & Chris Bogues
"Have axe, will travel," that's about all a barbarian seems to know. But is that so with every fighter from the southern steppes? Or is there more to drive a man to an endless quest for honor and glory?
Gabe of the Ryelneyd is a barbarian, and he clearly belongs to the latter group...

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"Ruins and Hopes" (03/02/2001)
by Marc H. Wyman & Chris Bogues
Deep within Trebonshire Forest, two seasoned adventurers rescue a band of youngsters from the ratpeople. But that's only the beginning, for the three young people are on a journey to a mystic temple of Darawk - and our travellers join them on their quest.

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