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Home Index of Tales of Strange Adventures

"Call of the Dragon, Part I"

"Call of the Dragon, Part II"

"Ruins and Hopes"

"Shield Maiden" Cornell #3

"Warrior Eternal" Cornell #4

"Childhood of a Fighter"

"The Pledge" Cornell #5

"The Rock of Discontent"

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"A Tale of the Gods"

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"The Miracle of Solstice Day" Cornell #6

"Life's Values"

"Tangled Elves"

"The Pilgrims' Trial and Faith"



A Tale of the Gods

  by Marc H. Wyman & Chris Bogues

Table of Contents

Download the installments as a PDF document!

Complete download of ALL CHAPTERS of "A Tale of the Gods!

"A Tale of the Gods" (Parts I - X)  ---  PDF (Acrobat reader, 300 KB)
                                                                 --- zipped PDF (277 KB)

"A Tale of the Gods" (Parts XI - XX) --- PDF (Acrobat reader, 310 KB)
                                                                      --- zipped PDF (285 KB)

"A Tale of the Gods" (Parts XXI - XXX) --- PDF (Acrobat reader, 572 KB)
                                                                           --- zipped PDF (450 KB)