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1.    Introduction

1.1. What is a Role-Playing Game (RPG)?
1.2. How do you play a RPG?

1.2.1. Just how does it work now?
1.2.2. What are Experience Points?
1.2.3. What are Hit Points?
1.2.4. What is a round?
1.3. What is the Gushémal Role-Playing Game (GRPG)?
1.4. Why is this the version 0.1 of GRPG?

1.4.1. What's new or different?
1.4.2. What's the problem with getting a full version finished?
1.4.3. Invitation to YOU!

1.5. What do you need?
1.6. The Campaign World
1.7. How to read this book

2.    The Races of Gushémal

2.1. Human
2.2. Elves
2.3. Elvenkin
2.4. Dwarves
2.5. Alreus

3.    Attributes

3.1. Strength (STR)
3.2. Agility (AGI)
3.3. Constitution (CON)
3.4. Charisma (CHA)
3.5. Intelligence (INT)
3.6. Willpower (WIL)
3.7. Race-specific modifiers
3.8. Choosing the race of a character

4.    Class

4.1. Fighter
4.1.1. Class Abilities
4.2. Wizard
4.2.1. How to become a wizard
4.2.2. TL and Spell Level (Introduction)
4.2.3. The position of wizards in society
4.2.4. New spells (Spellbook)
4.2.5. Weapons
4.2.6. Class Abilities
4.2.7. Spell Level
4.2.8. Summoning Demons (Wizards)

4.3. Priest
4.3.1. Class Abilities
4.4. Thief
4.4.1. Class Abilities

5.     Skills

6.     Characteristics

7.     Equipment

7.1. Clothes
7.2. Items

7.2.1. Special or Magical Items
7.3. Weapons
7.3.1. Descriptions of weapons
7.3.2. Weapon Categories

7.4. Armor
7.4.1. Definition of Armor Characteristics
7.4.2. Types of Armor

7.5. Shields
7.6. Helmets
7.7. Standard Prices

8.    Combat

8.1. Armed Combat
8.1.1. Weapon Mastery
8.1.2. Defense: The Total Attack Penalty
8.1.3. Attacking an opponent
8.1.4. Parrying an attack
8.1.5. Rolling for damage
8.1.6. Range or Who gets to attack first
8.1.7. How many hit points do I have anyway?

8.2. Unarmed Combat

9.    Spells & Blessings

9.1. Spells
9.1.1. Spell Level 1
9.1.2. Spell Level 2

9.2. Blessings
9.2.1. Blessing Level 1
9.2.2. Blessing Level 2

Important Note on Magic:

Chris is still working on the magic system! It is far from finished, and Chris only wants to put together the spells and blessings after he is satisfied. There are only a few preliminary suggestions in this chapter, the earliest ideas on how to use magic.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, please send them as quickly as possible to He’ll be extremely grateful for your help (and maybe he can get out of the severe thrashing Marc has promised him if he doesn’t hurry up and get the darn thing finished. Maybe.)