Magic: Spells and Blessings

Section 3: Magical Appliances

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Table of Contents


Section I: Spells

Section II: Blessings

Section III: Magical Appliances


The Gauntlet of Resurrection

“I’ll admit it. I’m envious of those Modayreans. We know next to nothing about this land up north, ensconced in their circular mountain that none have ever managed to climb – none of those who have survived the arduous trek through the dense jungle surrounding the mountain, that is. Are the Modayreans human? Are they elves? Dwarves? Or some other species we have never heard of?

“All we do know is that they are masters of wizardry, at a level far above that reached by any wizard outside Modayre. Perhaps the great Alwouldiss came somewhere close, but even he would have been seriously tasked to match even half of the incredible appliances that trickle out of Modayre.

“Everyone knows the firelighters, the small boxes that reliably produce flames at the utterance of the command word. The tinder boxes of old have been effectively replaced by the lighters all across Gushémal – but who understands how they work? And how one nation, so very small, can produce the thousands of lighters that are daily used!

“It’s even a secret how the trade is handled. There are merchants who have grown fat and rich by selling Modayrean goods, but they keep persistently silent on how they procure the items and how they deliver the payments to Modayre.

“To make matters worse, there are such appliances that far exceed the mundane lighters. One of these is the legendary gauntlet of resurrection. It’s made of silver, fit for the hand of an adult human male. Rubies are inset at the root of each finger, jewels that can be pressed in. Instructions in the rune-like writing of the Modayreans are inscribed on the back of the gauntlet.

“And, yes, as the name implies, it can resurrect a mortal being from death! Within three hours of death, the deceased is not only returned to life with all his faculties intact – most, if not all, his wounds are healed. 

“A feat that only the highest of clerics, the highest of wizards can achieve, and the spell is ensconced in a simple metal glove! At least there’s a limit to its effect: Each of the rubies represents one charge, therefore each gauntlet can perform only five resurrections before it becomes useless. But I suspect that the reason for that is not that the Modayreans were unable to put more charges in these gauntlets – rather it is that they wished to maintain a market for these items!

“There are very few outside Modayre, anyway, and they fetch incredibly high prices. A rich man might spend all his fortune just to get one of these gauntlets. That is, after spending a great deal of his wealth just to find one that has any charges left. Now imagine if they would function forever! Just one of them in any army, and it would be unbeatable. That army would rival the elven troops at the time of the Elven Flood, when each fallen warrior was resurrected and returned to the front line within minutes!

“I have spent decades researching magic, and I am completely incapable of pulling anyone back from the dead. Not even a tiny spark of life such as a rodent’s can I retrieve – but a gauntlet can. So, yes, I am very much envious of the Modayreans, and how I wish that I could learn their secrets!”

Rhoumoren Maghan,
Master Wizard, Niz, Ibrollene
(from a letter written in 3151 A.E.)