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Cornell: The Resurrected Hero

(1) Call of the Dragon, Pt 1

(2) Call of the Dragon, Pt 2

(3) Shield Maiden

(4) Warrior Eternal

(5) The Pledge

(6) The Miracle of Solstice Day


The Premise
Cornell of Cayaboré is a man on a mission. Quite literally, since he works for the dragonrider corps of his homeland, and his superiors regularly send him out as a secret agent to solve problems. Retrieve an object of great value from one place, scout out the political situation in another place, free a prisoner and bring him back home; all these are jobs that the Cayaborean has faced.
Many times he is accompanied by close friends of his - Barandas, the wizard; Gabe, the barbarian; Flink, the alreu. As close as they are to Cornell, he never told them of his background. "Secret" is the operative word here. Which can lead into troublesome situations...

Book One: Northern Trek

It is the 3167th year after the Elven Flood. Cornell of Cayaboré, nobleman spy for his homeland's dragonrider corps, has been assigned to acquire a powerful magical appliance from a far-away city and bring it back to Cayaboré.
These tales recount the travails of how the Cayaborean travels back and the adventures he encounters.

Episode 6

"The Miracle of Solstice Day" (12/08/2001 et.al.)
by Marc H. Wyman & Chris Bogues
All Cornell wants is to get out of the Tonomai Empire as fast as possible and get home to Cayaboré. As usual, things don't quite go his way -- especially now that the winter solstice is approaching, and his friends are more in the mood for celebrating Solstice Day than travelling.
But celebrating will move even further from Cornell's mind in the course of this story...

Index Page of Story

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Final installment: Chapter Seventeen

Episode 5

"The Pledge" (06/08/2001)
by Marc H. Wyman & Chris Bogues
Hadn't Cornell just gotten rid of that pesky wizard Barandas? Isn't it bad enough that he is now travelling with Gabe and Flink?
Still, Barandas is back - and he has the perfect plan how to retrieve a treasure from a cave. Every single trap he has mapped out and prepared ways to circumvent them. Well, how quickly is that perfect plan going to evaporate...?

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Episode 4

"Warrior Eternal" (05/04/2001)
by Marc H. Wyman & Chris Bogues
Heroic rescues aren't exactly what Cornell ever sets out to do - but when he finds an alreu about to be sacrificed to the One God of the Tonomai... Well, what's a good man to do but save that alreu?
Unfortunately the Tonomai don't take too kindly to this interference, and the hunt is on. Even less fortunately, there is something wrong with the alreu... and it might be very little to Cornell's liking...

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Episode 3

"Shield Maiden" (04/05/2001)
by Marc H. Wyman & Chris Bogues
A mysterious temple in the middle of the desert. Caravan after caravan destroyed, with few survivors. The tale of a shield maiden's bane, and the promise of profits for those who survive it...
Despite himself, Cornell lets himself get dragged into this mess by barbarian Gabe and the alreu Flink - and soon he faces the danger that has taken so many...

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Episode 2

"Call of the Dragon, Part Two" (02/02/2001)
by Marc H. Wyman & Chris Bogues

We're still in Chazevo - but right now, both Cornell and Barandas are rather tied up... in a dungeon... with a vengeful merchant and a malicious elf about to enjoy their squirming.
Looks like it's time to get out, doesn't it?

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Episode 1

"Call of the Dragon, Part One" (01/05/2001)
by Marc H. Wyman & Chris Bogues

(Set in the year 3167 A.E.)
It's the city of Chazevo. Hot, moist, a harbor city on the Northern coast. And close to the mysterious realm of Modayre from where tools and weapons of superior magical power are coming. A single merchant in Chazevo trades in these items, among them a weapon of fantastic power.
Cornell of Cayaboré is so close to getting his hands on it - when suddenly a certain wizard acquaintance of his shows up...

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Cornell of Cayaboré

Barandas the Magnificent Whistlebottom

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