The Characters of Gushémal


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Characters Index


Gabe of the Ryelneyd

Take a look at the personal history of the character...

Also read the story of his youth!


Date of Birth:
Exact date unknown; late summer 3146 A.E.

Place of Birth:
Western plains, Robhovard

Physical Appearance:
: 6’ 9’’
: blonde, shaggy
: blue
Identifying items of clothing or other

  • Large axe of dwarven make, named bwyell


None living

Known Associates:

Cornell of Cayaboré; Barandas “the Magnificent”; Flink from Tieferbau

Typical Lines:

·         Bwyell and me will take care of that."

·         “For glory and honor!”

·         “Stop shaking, little man, and tell me where the treasure is!”


  • 5501 "Shield Maiden"

  • 5508 "Warrior Eternal"

  • 5507 "Childhood of a Fighter"

  • 5502 "The Pledge"



To find out all about the history and background of Gabe, read the story

"Childhood of a Fighter"!