The Characters of Gushémal


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Characters Index


Flink of Tieferbau

Also read the story of his youth!


Date of Birth:
Gloreshton 7th 3148 A.E.

Place of Birth:
Tieferbau, Blue Land

Physical Appearance:
: 2’11’’
: red, curly
: blue, very large
Identifying items of clothing or other

·         Small knapsack filled with only the gods know what (Flink sure doesn’t know!)


Hastig, father (†); Sorgend, mother; various brothers and sisters

Known Associates:

Cornell of Cayaboré; Gabe of the Ryelneyd

Typical Lines:

·         “So happy to see you, sir, let me tell you about…”

·         “And then there was… Excuse me, sir, why are you leaving? Can I come with you?”


·         5501 “Shield Maiden”

·         5508 “Warrior Eternal”

·         5502 “The Pledge”



To find out all about the history and background of Flink, read the story

"The Rock of Discontent"!